Flowerfire Sawmill Enterprise v8.8.0.1 x64 Incl KeyMaker-DVT | Total Size: 210 MB

Sawmill ENTERPRISE brings together all the power of Sawmill PROFESSIONAL and adds support for multi-processor systems. ENTERPRISE edition also offers full support for the industry-standard MySQL database (including MySQL Cluster) as well as the integrated Sawmill database as used in LITE and PROFESSIONAL. The Sawmill scripting language (Salang) also offers the ENTERPRISE user the ability to customize the complete user interface (Administration and Report interfaces) and add or modify many of the reporting functions in order to customize or personalize the product or to add specialized functions.


Deltopia.DeltaWalker.Oro.Edition.v2.5.0.Incl.KeyMaker.and.Patch.15TH.BIRTHDAY-DVT | 82.9 MB
Deltopia.DeltaWalker.Oro.Edition.v2.5.0.MacOS.Incl.KeyMaker.and.Patch.15TH.BIRTHDAY-DVT | 81 MB
Deltopia.DeltaWalker.Oro.Edition.v2.5.0.Linux.Incl.KeyMaker.and.Patch.15TH.BIRTHDAY-DVT | 106 MB

Deltopia DeltaWalker is a handy and reliable utility designed for advanced comparison of files or folders, in order to correct, copy, edit or merge the differences.
Deltopia DeltaWalker can be successfully used by developers to analyze, compare or merge their different versions of source files.

DbVis Software DbVisualizer Pro v10.0.20 by DVT | Total Size: 407 MB

DbVisualizer is the universal database tool for developers, DBAs and analysts. It is the ultimate solution since the same tool can be used on all major operating systems accessing a wide range of databases.

Top Feature:

Supported Databases
Amazon Redshift, DB2 LUW, Exasol, H2, Informix, JavaDB/Derby, Microsoft SQL Server, Mimer SQL, MySQL, Netezza, NuoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Sybase ASE, and Vertica.

Atlassian Softwares Pack May 2019 | 7.11 GB | 21 Releases

Isotropix Clarisse iFX v4.0 SP2b (Win MacOSX & Linux) X64-AMPED

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Isotropix.Clarisse.iFX.v4.0.SP2b.X64-AMPED | 521 MB
Isotropix.Clarisse.iFX.v4.0.SP2b.MACOSX-AMPED | 485 MB
Isotropix.Clarisse.iFX.v4.0.SP2b.LINUX.X64-AMPED | 630 MB

A fully interactive CG toolset for set-dressing, look development, lighting and rendering. Clarisse iFX is a powerful CG toolset trusted by internationally renowned creative studios. Built by artists for artists, it is designed to simplify today’s complex creative workflows, empowering users with interactivity, speed and power over datasets containing bazillions of polygons.

Created in response to feedback from today’s front-line CG creatives, Clarisse iFX unifies powerful rendering, lighting and look development tools under a single, accessible package. Thanks to its integrated CPU based rendering engine, based on unidirectional path-tracing users can work interactively on rich, data-heavy environments, scenes and assets, with full visibility over their creative decision-making. Clarisse iFX fits seamlessly into the core of any modern production pipeline. It’s an intuitive, flexible and comprehensive toolset tailored to the needs of studios and production teams working in CG today – not ten years ago.


VMware Workstation Pro v15.1.0 (Win & Linux) X64 Incl Keygen-AMPED

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VMware.Workstation.Pro.v15.1.0.X64.Incl.Keygen-AMPED | 441 MB
VMware.Workstation.Pro.v15.1.0.LINUX.X64.Incl.Keygen-AMPED | 464 MB

VMware Workstation Pro is the industry standard for running multiple operating systems as virtual machines (VMs) on a single Linux or Windows PC. IT professionals, developers and businesses who build, test or demo software for any device, platform or cloud rely on Workstation Pro. Workstation Pro Delivers a Data Center in Your Laptop.

Run Multiple OSs on a Single PC
VMware Workstation Pro allows you to run multiple operating systems at once on the same Windows or Linux PC. Create real Linux and Windows VMs and other desktop, server, and tablet environments, complete with configurable virtual networking and network condition simulation, for use in code development, solution architecting, application testing, product demonstrations and more.

SilhouetteFX Silhouette v7.5.2 (Win MacOSX & Linux)-AMPED

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SilhouetteFX.Silhouette.v7.5.2.X64-AMPED | 103 MB
SilhouetteFX.Silhouette.v7.5.2.MACOSX-AMPED | 110 MB
SilhouetteFX.Silhouette.v7.5.2.LINUX-AMPED | 120 MB

Invaluable in post-production, Silhouette continues to bring best-of-class tools to the visual effects industry. Using an entirely stereoscopic workflow, all capabilities of Silhouette, including its award winning rotoscoping, non-destructive paint, keying, matting, warping, morphing, and 2D-3D conversion tools are stereo enabled. Developed over the years with input by those working in the trenches, Silhouette runs like a well oiled machine. You will be up to speed with minimal effort and have the tools you need to handle the most challenging of shots. As visual effects artists ourselves, we understand your challenges and timelines. Our goal is to help you get the job done right, on time and on budget.

BitRock.InstallBuilder.Enterprise.v19.4.1.x64.Incl.Keygen-MESMERiZE | 123 MB
BitRock.InstallBuilder.Enterprise.v19.4.1.MacOS.Incl.Keygen-MESMERiZE | 142 MB
BitRock.InstallBuilder.Enterprise.v19.4.1.Linux.x64.Incl.Keygen-MESMERiZE | 122 MB

Quickly Create Native, Cross-platform installers
BitRock InstallBuilder is a development tool for building cross-platform installers for desktop and server software. With InstallBuilder, you can quickly create dynamic, professional installers for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and other platforms from a single project file and build environment. In addition to installers, InstallBuilder will generate RPM and Debian packages and multiplatform CDs/DVDs. Automatic update functionality makes it easy to deliver updates directly to users once they have your software installed.

Scientific Toolworks Understand v5.1.988 By AMPED | Total Size: 614 MB

Understand is a static analysis tool for maintaining, measuring, & analyzing critical or large code bases. From metrics and graphs to dependency analysis, Master your source code with Understand.


0Day Pack April 2019

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0Day Pack April 2019 | 250 Releases | 54.87 GB
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