Rasa Advanced Custom Actions, Forms, & Responses Workshop

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Rasa Advanced Custom Actions, Forms, & Responses Workshop
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Before taking the Advanced Certification Workshop in Custom Actions, Forms, and Responses, we recommend completing the Rasa Certification Workshop, or equivalent experience building assistants with Rasa.

What you'll learn

Build custom integrations with third-party services

Externalize your assistant's responses via REST APIs in the language of your choice

Test your assistant end-to-end before releasing it to production


Familiarity with Docker

Familiarity with Python 3.7.x

Familiarity with Vault

Familiarity with JDK11


Conversational AI prototypes often don't uncover the hard problems--conversational AI applications in production do. This ~4 hour certification workshop is designed for experienced Rasa developers and conversational AI professionals who want to grow and test their knowledge of Rasa custom actions, forms, and responses and build resilient applications that work in production environments.

This Advanced Certification workshop is led by Mady Mantha, Senior Technical Evangelist at Rasa. You'll receive training to help you build custom integrations with third-party services, externalize your assistant's responses via REST APIs in the language of your choice, and test your assistant end-to-end before releasing it to production.


We'll be working extensively with:


Python 3.7.x



We recommend that you already have familiarity with these technologies before the workshop, as we'll be concentrating primarily on how these technologies work with Rasa rather than introducing the tools themselves. This workshop is ideal for developers who already have experience building assistants and want to polish their development skills with Rasa.

Day 1: Custom Actions and Forms

We'll cover:

Deep dive into Custom Actions

Define a user profile slot

Implement and execute secure external service calls

Securely invoke external service to fill slots

Understand security best practices / secure coding

Deep dive into Forms

Required slots

Validate slots

Filling slots via NLU using helper methods

The special "requested_slot" slot

Securely invoke external service on Form submit

Day 2: Responses and Testing

We'll cover:

Deep dive into Responses

Externalize Utterances/Responses

Responses in Java exposed via REST API

Understand testing

Write unit tests

Mock external services

End-to-end testing

Discuss real-world scenarios - case studies

Who this course is for:

DevOps eeers

Chatbot developers

Data scientists curious about DevOps




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