A Single-Page App with Vue.js and Rails

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A Single-Page App with Vue.js and Rails
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Single-page applications (SPAs) are a prominent fixture on the landscape of modern web app development.

It's for good reason. SPAs offer a rich user interface without the inefficiency of loading entirely new web pages as users navigate around. But building a solid SPA can be tricky: the frontend jаvascript and backend API need to work in harmony.

So what does it take to put together an SPA using:

Ruby on Rails as the backend API and,

Vue.js and Vuex on the frontend?

And how would you design it in a pragmatic, straightforward way?

Find out as we unpack a full-stack app layer by layer!

Break Down a Full-Stack App

Get confident with modern single-page web app development.

This tutorial unpacks what it takes to combine a Vue.js frontend with a backend Rails API. Along the way we address many common design decisions, including:

How is the code of the two applications organized and structured?

How do jаvascript frontends asynchronously communicate with backend APIs?

What does a JSON API design look like?

When and where are single-file Vue components used? And how is data shared between them?

What role does a router play in a single-page app?

When should Vuex be used to manage client-side state?

How does authentication work and remain secure between two applications?

We start with the completed app and unpack it layer by layer, answering these questions and much more. You'll come away understanding how everything works together in harmony.




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