Blender 3D from zero to hero (Update 6/2019)

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Blender 3D from zero to hero (Update 6/2019)
Blender 3D from zero to hero (Update 6/2019) | 7.45GB

3D skills are very important! Why? As 3D technologies developed rapidly, the market demands on 3D contents are increasing exponentially. There are so many industries require 3D expertise. Architecture, interior design, product design, animated movies, visual effects, advertising, virtual set, game industry, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing industry and so much more, they are all rely heavily on 3D technologies and 3D skilled workers.

Designed for complete beginners so no prior experince needed.
You must have Blender installed. You can download it for free.
Basic knowledge or graphic editing software such as Photoshop will be helpful, although not necessary.
Wacom tablet or similar devices is recommended for texture painting and sculpting lessons.

If you want to learn 3D using Blender from zero, meaning no prior experience needed at all. Then you've come to the right place. The curriculum in this course is carefully designed so that students can learn gradually from the easiest lesson to the more advanced lessons seamlessly. This will ensure the fastest path for you to master Blender.

The future Blender version 2.8 brings a lot of exciting new cool features but also big changes on the UI and how things work. Currently this course is being updated to version 2.8. You can find 2.8 lesson videos at the bottom part of the curriculum. After all of the 2.8 lessons finished and Blender foundation officially release version 2.8, the old version of the lesson videos will be removed. All updates are free for existing students.

Who this course is for:
Beginners who want to learn 3D from scratch using Blender.
People who want to make video games using game engines such as: Unity, Unreal, Godot etc.
Architects and interior designers who want to create stunning 3D visualization.
Graphic designers who want to add 3D elements in their design.
Anyone who needs strong 3D skills for different kind of purposes such as: 3D printing, virtual reality, augmented reality, product presentation etc.




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