The Art Of Talking To The Opposite Sex

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Easy communication skills & understanding how the opposite sex thinks! makes a big difference. Same sex as well.

What you'll learn

At the end of my course you will be able to better understand how to talk to the opposite sex, you will learn how to better communicate on a deeper level with more interesting topics to captivate the other person. Weather you just want to talk to someone at an event or party, meet someone at a bar, or are wanting to make a real connection and see if you are compatible with that person, also build better relationships knowing how the other person thinks. As a Therapist I'm sure you will learn plenty from this course on a different level to you have know before.
Easy communication skills with the opposite sex or the same sex.
What to know about males
What to know about females
What men find attractive in females
What women find attractive in males
Ways of talking to people
How to talk to someone and get the response your are after
How to talk to someone who is with their friends
Body Language and how it's talking to you
Situations to be aware of
Bonus material 4 places to meet people easily
The pressure of talking to the opposite sex
What about talking to someone of the same sex
Looking at talking to someone in a different way
Trying to make talk interesting
Not Talking - Pausing shows confidence


There are no previous requirements or skills needed to take this course.


As a Therapist I'm sure you will learn plenty from this course on a different level to you have known before. I'm letting you know what works after hearing back from my own clients after they have used these techniques. I've tried to give you a quick and accurate description on each topic so you can learn the information easier and understand it better without going on and on. I feel it's a better way to understand how you can benefit from this information and use in your own life style. There is also a full course manual PDF download on the last lecture of the course.

Who this course is for:

People of any age with a want for getting to know someone. Not having to be worried about being made a fool of or getting knock backs all the time.
People who have been stand offish to talking to others, we will fix that fear.
People who have been over thinking whether to talk to someone or not.
Those in general wanting to communicate with others of the opposite or same sex.


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