C Programming Language For Beginners - Master The C Language 2023

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C Programming Language For Beginners - Master The C Language 2023

Published 9/2023
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"Begin your Journey: Master the C Programming Language from Basics to Proficiency"

What you'll learn
A strong foundation in C programming fundamentals.
Proficiency in advanced concepts like functions, arrays, pointers, and memory management.
Practical experience through hands-on exercises and projects
Improved error identification and debugging skills.
Increased confidence in writing efficient and effective code for real-world applications.

No prerequisites are needed; the course is tailored for beginners new to programming.
Familiarity with computer basics will provide an added advantage.

Embark on a transformative learning journey with our comprehensive course, "C Programming Language for Beginners - Master the C Language." Whether you're new to programming or seeking to expand your coding prowess, this course offers an immersive experience that demystifies the intricacies of C.Starting with the fundamentals, you'll grasp the core concepts of C programming, building a solid understanding of variables, data types, and control structures. As you progress, you'll dive into more advanced topics like functions, arrays, pointers, and memory management, equipping you with the tools to write efficient and optimized code.I will guide you through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, ensuring that you not only grasp theoretical knowledge but also develop practical skills. You'll work on projects that range from simple applications to more complex challenges, all while gaining insights into best practices and coding standards.By the end of this course, you'll have a firm grip on C programming, capable of creating your own programs, troubleshooting errors, and comprehending existing codebases. Whether you aspire to build a career in software development or simply want to harness the power of coding, this course will empower you to confidently navigate the world of C programming. Join us and embark on a fulfilling educational journey to master the C programming language.Atish Jain-Coding Career Expert

Section 1: Introduction to C Programming Language

Lecture 1 Introduction - Agenda

Lecture 2 What is C Language?

Lecture 3 History of C Language

Lecture 4 Features of C Language

Lecture 5 Application Area of C Language

Lecture 6 Why C Language is Still Ruling the World?

Section 2: Getting Started With C Programming

Lecture 7 Introduction - Agenda

Lecture 8 Structure of a C Program

Lecture 9 How to Start Learning C Language

Lecture 10 Tokens in C Language

Lecture 11 Memory - Variables - Datatypes

Lecture 12 Rules for Writing Programs

Lecture 13 Control Flow Statements

Lecture 14 Input-Output Statements

Lecture 15 Printing "Hello World" Example

Lecture 16 Variable Declaration - Initialization - Assignment Example

Section 3: Language Basics & Sequence Programming Construct Examples

Lecture 17 Introduction - Agenda

Lecture 18 Arithmetic Operations - Write a Program to Add Two Numbers

Lecture 19 Write a Program to Calculate Amount for the Inputted Rate & Quantity

Lecture 20 Types of Files created for a C Program File - Dollar to INR Conversion Example

Lecture 21 Variable Assignment - Write a Program to Swap the Values of Two Variables A & B

Lecture 22 Write a Program to Calculate Total & Average for the Inputted 3 Subjects

Lecture 23 Write a Program to Convert the Total Inputted Minutes into Hours and Minutes

Lecture 24 What is Translator, What is the Difference between Compiler and Interpreter

Lecture 25 Working with char datatype

Lecture 26 Working with fflush(stdin) function

Lecture 27 Introduction to ASCII Codes with Examples

Lecture 28 Write a Program to Convert the Uppercase Letter to Lowercase

Lecture 29 Datatypes and Modifiers

Lecture 30 Garbage Values, Variable Declaration, Initialization and Assignment

Lecture 31 Introduction to sizeof Operator

Lecture 32 Introduction to const keyword with an example

Lecture 33 Working with Escape Sequence Characters

Lecture 34 Introduction to Typecasting

Lecture 35 Working with Typecasting and Arithmetic Promotion with Examples

Lecture 36 Types of Errors

Lecture 37 Language vs Logic

Section 4: Selection or Decision Making Programming Construct

Lecture 38 Introduction - Agenda

Lecture 39 Introduction to Control Structures

Lecture 40 Introduction to Simple if with An Example

Lecture 41 Introduction to if-else with An Example

Lecture 42 Write a Program to Check Whether the Inputted No is Even or Odd

Lecture 43 Write a Program to Find Biggest of Two Numbers

Lecture 44 Write a Program to Calculate Discount and Final Amount from the Given Data.

Lecture 45 Introduction to Multiple If Statement With An Example

Lecture 46 Introduction to Nested If Statement With An Example

Lecture 47 Working with && Operator - Write a Program to Identify the Inputted Data item

Lecture 48 working with || Operator - Vowel & Consonant Check

Lecture 49 Working with ! Operator

Lecture 50 Uppercase to Lowercase and Vice versa Example

Lecture 51 Write a Program to Check Whether the Person is Eligible for Bonus or not.

Lecture 52 AH Digitals Billing Project

Lecture 53 Write a Program to Develop Calculator Application using Menu Options

Lecture 54 Introduction to switch-case with an Example

Lecture 55 Introduction to switch-case fall through with an Example

Lecture 56 Check whether the input character is vowel or consonant using switch-case

Lecture 57 Introduction to Un-formatted functions With Examples

Lecture 58 Leap Year Example

Individuals new to coding, seeking to learn the basics of the C programming language.,Students in computer science or related fields requiring foundational programming knowledge.,Enthusiasts with a curiosity for technology and a desire to start their programming journey from scratch.

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