Qi Gong Introductory Course For Beginners

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Qi Gong Introductory Course For Beginners

Published 9/2023
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Learn The Basics Of Qi Gong In 7 Days And Build Up Your Empirical Evidence

What you'll learn
Learn How Qi Gong Can Transform Your Life In 7 Days
Build Up Your Empirical Evidence And Feel The Difference Qi Gong Can Have On You
Feel Less Stress And Anxiety Using These Ancient Techniques Of Qi Gong
Very Simple Qi Gong Exercises For Beginners To Start You On Your Practise

No previous experience necessary.

Learn the basics of how Qi Gong can help change the energy of your body. If you stick to the guidelines of this course and complete the exercises in 7 days, you will start to feel the changes in your mind and body. Qi Gong is all about mind body soul connection. This course will give you a better mind body connection. And then you will be better equipped to delve into the deeper aspects of Qi Gong after completing the course.With a world becoming more stressful and anxious by the second, learning to connect more with yourself will give you the tools to navigate through these very difficult times successfully. You will be able to come out of your comfort zone much more easily when you practise Qi Gong regularly.This course is just a very brief introduction into Qi Gong. But it will put you in a good place when you decide to get deeper into the practise. I was taught with the basics when I learnt Qi Gong and that is what this course is all about. Your Qi Gong practise can become more ornate and artistic as you get into this ancient healing art form.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What Is Qi Gong?

Lecture 2 What Is Qi Gong Article

Lecture 3 Course Induction Video

Lecture 4 Why Practice Qi Gong?

Lecture 5 What Can You Expect From Practising Qi Gong?

Lecture 6 Why Do We Tap All Over The Body?

Lecture 7 Why Do We Open The Joints?

Lecture 8 Why Do We Stretch The Meridians?

Lecture 9 Intention Is Everything. Use It Well And Wisely.

Lecture 10 Going Deeper With Your Practise

Section 2: Qi Gong Exercises For This Course Explained

Lecture 11 Basic Standing Positions Explained

Lecture 12 All Over Body Tapping

Lecture 13 Circulation Exercises

Lecture 14 Why We Vibrate The Body

Lecture 15 Opening The Gate Explanation

Lecture 16 Opening The Gate Exercise

Lecture 17 Meridian Stretches

Lecture 18 Joint Opening Exercises

Lecture 19 Clearing With Intention

Section 3: Day One

Lecture 20 All Over Body Tapping

Lecture 21 Circulation Exercises

Lecture 22 Opening The Gate

Lecture 23 Meridian Stretches

Lecture 24 Joint Opening

Lecture 25 Clearing With Intention

Section 4: Day 2

Lecture 26 All over body tapping

Lecture 27 Circulation Exercises

Lecture 28 Opening The Gate

Lecture 29 Meridian Stretches

Lecture 30 Joint Opening Exercises

Lecture 31 Clearing With Intention

Section 5: Day 3

Lecture 32 All over body tapping

Lecture 33 Circulation Exercises

Lecture 34 Opening The Gate

Lecture 35 Meridian Stretches

Lecture 36 Joint Opening Exercises

Lecture 37 Clearing WIth Intention

Section 6: Day 4

Lecture 38 All Over Body Tapping

Lecture 39 Circulation Exercises

Lecture 40 Opening The Gate

Lecture 41 Meridian Stretches

Lecture 42 Joint Opening Exercises

Lecture 43 Clearing With Intention

Section 7: Day 5

Lecture 44 All Over Body Tapping

Lecture 45 Circulation Exercises

Lecture 46 Opening The Gate

Lecture 47 Meridian Stretches

Lecture 48 Joint Opening Exercises

Lecture 49 Clearing With Intention

Section 8: Day 6

Lecture 50 All Over Body Tapping

Lecture 51 Circulation Exercises

Lecture 52 Opening The Gate

Lecture 53 Meridian Stretches

Lecture 54 Joint Opening Exercises

Lecture 55 Clearing With Intention

Section 9: Day 7

Lecture 56 All Over Body Tapping

Lecture 57 Circulation Exercises

Lecture 58 Opening The Gate

Lecture 59 Meridian Stretches

Lecture 60 Joint Opening Exercises

Lecture 61 Clearing With Intention

Section 10: Bonus Video

Lecture 62 Full One Hour Live Flow Class

Lecture 63 Full One Hour Live Class With Qi Gong For The Earth Sequence

Lecture 64 Thank you video

This course is designed for people who are interested in Qi Gong but have not tried it out yet.

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