Islam & Mind Science- Life Changing Sessions

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Islam & Mind Science- Life Changing Sessions

Published 9/2023
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Learn Islam & Mind Science to Change Your Life

What you'll learn
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Get Close to Islam
Discover Yourself
Change Your Thinking Pattern

Open Mind & Thirst for Learning

ISLAM & MIND SCIENCEMission Akhirah- A unique Workshop To Change Your LifeDescription:This course explores the intersection between Islam and the field of mind science to enhance personal development. It aims to provide a deeper understanding of the Islamic teachings and how they can be applied to improve one's personality and overall well-being. Students will learn practical strategies and techniques backed by psychological research to develop positive traits, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience within an Islamic framework.Key Highlights:Understand the Islamic perspective on personal developmentLearn strategies to cultivate positive traits and behaviorsDevelop self-awareness and emotional intelligenceEnhance resilience and cope with life challengesApply mind science principles within an Islamic frameworkWhat you will learn:Learning Outcome 1Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Islamic teachings related to personal development and how they can be integrated with mind science principles.Learning Outcome 2Learn practical strategies and techniques rooted in psychological research that promote positive traits, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.Learning Outcome 3Develop resilience and learn effective coping mechanisms to face life challenges while maintaining a strong connection to Islamic values.Why This Workshop•To Get Close to ALLAH•To Find Purpose of Life•To Set Ultimate Goal (Akhirah)•To Discover Yourself (Power of Mind)•For Mindset & To change Attitude•To Learn How To Control Your State (Mind)•To Learn How To Be Grateful•To Learn How To Be Happy & Much MoreWhat Are In This WorkshopSESSION 1•Introduction To Mind Science•Mind & Brain•Types of Mind•How Mind Register•Levels of Learning•Mind Factory•Belief System•ALLAH sa GhumanSESSION 2•Discover Yourself•Types of Intelligence•Stress & Frustration•Find Your Passion•Mind MemorySESSION 3•Senses (VAK)•Deletion•Distortion•Generalization•State of Mind•How Mind Works•Mind Science Communication Model•ConclusionSESSION 4•Pillers Of Mind Science•You – Player•Presupposition•Outcome•Rapport•Feedback•Flexibility•Guiding BeliefsSESSION 5•Continuation of Guiding BeliefsSESSION 6•Sources of Thoughts•Hamzad•Wasawis•Types of wasawis•Solution•Nafs•OCDSESSION 7•Locus of Control•Power of Now•Mental Health•Positive Past•Positive Future•Negative Past•Negative FutureSESSION 7•Nazar Kya Hai•Gratitude- Shakur•Learn How to be HappySESSION 8•Sabr•Anger ManagementSESSION 9•Outcome for AKHIRA -(Important)

Section 1: Islam & Mind Science - Life Changing Sessions

Lecture 1 Session 1

Lecture 2 Session 2

Lecture 3 Session 3

Lecture 4 Session 4

Lecture 5 Session 5

Lecture 6 Session 6

Lecture 7 Session 7

Lecture 8 Session 8

Lecture 9 Session 9

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