The Modern Mba - Build Your Business Using Modern Methods

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The Modern Mba - Build Your Business Using Modern Methods

Published 9/2023
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ChatGPT, AI, Web Design, Offer Creation, SEO, Copywriting, Client Acquisition, Business Admin + More.

What you'll learn
Understand what makes a business successful in 2023
Learn how to build a profitable business from scratch
Find your perfect target audience
Find the right business model for you
Learn how to use ChatGPT & AI to 7x your efficiency
Be able to perform effective competitive analysis
Transition into more profitable and meaningful skills
Learn how to apply agency insider secrets to your website
Learn how to build a trustworthy online presence
Apply Alex Hormozi's $100M offers model to your business
Learn how to make your business more resilient
Find new sources of value in your business
Apply the Art of War to win without effort in your business
Learn how to be a respected and sought after authority in your niche
Never 'lose' another critical negotiation
Acquire more relevant skills for building a profitable business than MBA school graduates

Basic Technical Knowledge
OpenAI/ChatGPT Account
Hard work and follow-through

The Reason For This CourseMiddle-class people are losing their jobs left and right while billionaires triple their wealth. Gas, housing, and food are all doubling while wages stagnate. Most people just want to live a life of financial comfort, not extravagance. They don't care about being famous or having a billion dollars.Normal people don't care about billion dollar corporations- they want to make 5 figures per month and live comfortably.So why are 300-year-old institutions charging a quarter million for learning how to read the financial statements of billion-dollar corporations? There's enough middle-managers out there, but not nearly enough skilled small business owners. Times have changed. If you can see that, you'll recognize that updating your skills is vital these days to either starting your own business or staying competitive as an employee.That's why I've created "The Modern MBA" - to teach you cutting-edge skills that will actually help you stay competitive in a fast-moving world. I don't want anyone with a valuable skill to offer the world to be held back because of a lack of technological knowledge.In This Cutting-Edge Course, You'll Get:Complete Training – We will cover all the major topics you need to know to build a business to 5+ figures per month.Complete Walk-Through - We will build a business and website from scratch to show you exactly how to do it.Step-by-Step processes, Templates and Scripts- My knowledge from working with clients becomes yours.Excellent support - If you have any questions, you'll receive an answer within 2 business days.15 hours of core video lessonsA Trello board template to efficiently collect all your answersA Skool community to keep you accountable + connected with other entrepreneurs.Creating a successful service-based business takes just 4 simple thingsFinding a painful problemAttracting attentionConverting that attention to salesFulfilling a high-quality service to solve that problem for peopleA 'website' is uselessWe care about what a website can do for you. So we're going to start with the end in mind. Every lesson here is going to bring you closer to accomplishing these goals:Build legitimacy in your businessPush visitors' buttons (the positive way)Clarify your servicesFilter out low-quality leads and tire-kickersBUILD A MODERN BUSINESS -> GET PROFITABLE SALES -> WITH LESS EFFORTWhy doesn't everyone else do this?Because an idea is only as good as the execution done on it. What this course does is help you execute a 2-pronged attack:It brings you to a professional online presence in 10-20 hours as opposed to 100.It breaks a constant habit of learning over action because you're not sure what the next best step is.This course brings you to your goals faster, and gives you the freedom and confidence to know your time isn't being wasted - but it doesn't do it for you!This course isn't meant to get your business into the S&P 500. It is a stepping stone that will bring you ahead of other solutions in your local market. Your competitors won't know what hit them and your clients will be impressed.With this course, you're taking every step possible to help your potential clients find the solution to their pain points. All you have to do is buy this course, start learning, and start implementing. What's more important than that?If you already have a websiteHow many potential clients are you losing out on because you don't seem trustworthy, because your information is confusing or poorly presented, or because you're not convincing them to take action today? You have no idea! These days EVERYONE is going to do research on you and your business before they make a decision. What do you want their experience to be?3 out of 4 consumers admit to making judgements on a company's credibility based on the company's website design88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experienceYou don't need to buy this course, you'll just need toSpend 100 hours instead of 10 learning these AI, web design, copywriting, VSL, offer, SEO, and more concepts on your own.Not have access to support.Not have access to a private community of small business owners.Not get a custom video analysis upon completion of the course.How is this course different from the other ones out there?The instructor is an actual website developer and business owner and has had many happy small business owner clients. He is NOT a 'guru' or 'coach'.The instructor is in his 20s but has been doing this for 7 years. You don't want someone 'stuck in the past' that's been doing this for 20 years, nor do you want someone that just started last year.The course is made from scratch in 2023, not just updated.High-quality audio and video so you connect with the instructor's smiling face in the bottom corner of each video;)Course takers get access to an online community for serious small business owners or freelancers on Skool. You'll connect with other entrepreneurs, ask the instructor questions, and hold each other accountable.Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee.All future extra additions and updates are included for free.What happens if you don't take this course?You save $119.You're going to waste time and energy on repetitive tasks.You'll continue learning concepts that help you sound smart but will not help you build a profitable business.You're going to consistently work with 'meh' clients instead of your dream clients.You're going to give loyal customers a bad user experience on your site.You'll watch your competitors with worse service but a more trustworthy online presence grow in market share.People won't take your business as seriously as they should.You'll start interactions with potential clients on the wrong foot and have to work much harder to convince them you're the right service provider for them.Visitors won't convert on your site, and will just end up working with a competitor.GuaranteeThis course comes with Udemy's 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Think of it as your opportunity to explore the content from the inside, much like inspecting a house before committing to buy. Should you feel, at any point within these 30 days—be it after 29 minutes or 29 days—that this course hasn't delivered you the value you expected, you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked.RequirementsNo experience is required - just a willingness to learn.Who this course is forIndividuals that want to build a profitable business.Individuals that realize the world has changed forever and want to stay competitive.Businesses making under 10,000 per month.Students that want to learn valuable skills.Service-based freelancers.Individuals that want to help others at scale.Who this course isn't forPeople already comfortable/satisfied with their wealth.Startup founders.Not-for-profits.People that simply want to sound smart talking about old MBA terminology.

Section 1: Pre-Course

Lecture 1 Who Should Take This

Section 2: The Modern MBA Kickoff

Lecture 2 Manage This Project with Trello

Lecture 3 Stop Worrying About Things That Don't Matter

Lecture 4 Improve Your Course-Taking Experience

Lecture 5 Resource: Steal This Trello Board

Section 3: ChatGPT Blueprint: Crafting Your Ultimate Business Model

Lecture 6 Make An Account

Lecture 7 Discover Your Most Profitable Skills

Lecture 8 Discover Gaps in the Market

Lecture 9 Find A Niche

Lecture 10 Find Specific Problems In That Niche

Lecture 11 Find Solutions

Lecture 12 Supercharge

Lecture 13 Use VenturusAI to Plug Gaps

Lecture 14 Use AutoGPT to 10x Your ChatGPT Results

Lecture 15 You Did It!

Lecture 16 Validate It - Send 10 Videos

Section 4: Unleash ChatGPT: Harnessing The Power of AI Conversations

Lecture 17 Myths Behind AI and ChatGPT

Lecture 18 Facts About ChatGPT

Lecture 19 Become a ChatGPT Prompt King

Lecture 20 Get Prompts from ChatGPT or Buy Them

Lecture 21 Optional: Example Usages

Section 5: Digital Foundations: Essential Online Building Blocks

Lecture 22 Why do You Need a Website?

Lecture 23 Name

Lecture 24 Logo

Lecture 25 Website

Lecture 26 Social Media

Section 6: AI-Enhanced Content Revolution: Elevate Your Text & Imagery

Lecture 27 Text Content, with ChatGPT

Lecture 28 Images with Bing Image Generator

Lecture 29 Images with Midjourney

Lecture 30 Knowledge Bank

Lecture 31 Copywriting

Lecture 32 Home

Lecture 33 About

Lecture 34 Services

Lecture 35 Blog

Section 7: Website Wizardry: Designing Your Modern Digital Front Door

Lecture 36 What is Your Website's Goal?

Lecture 37 Plan Your Website's Pages and Features

Lecture 38 5 Website Examples To Reference

Lecture 39 All You Need to Know About UX

Lecture 40 R&D

Lecture 41 Why are We Using Squarespace?

Lecture 42 Domain Setup

Lecture 43 Using Squarespace

Lecture 44 Social Proof - Fundamental Concept #1

Lecture 45 Engage Immediately - Fundamental Concept #2

Lecture 46 Be Consistent and Congruent - Fundamental Concept #3

Lecture 47 Incorporate Whitespace - Fundamental Concept #4

Lecture 48 Personalize - Fundamental Concept #5

Lecture 49 Have Authority - Fundamental Concept #6

Lecture 50 Email - Vital Detail #1

Lecture 51 Footer - Vital Detail #2

Lecture 52 Speed - Vital Detail #3

Lecture 53 Branding - Vital Detail #4

Lecture 54 Usability - Vital Detail #5

Lecture 55 Analytics - Vital Detail #6

Lecture 56 Health Check - Vital Detail #7

Section 8: The Godfather Offer: Design an Offer They Can't Refuse

Lecture 57 Building Your Core Offer

Lecture 58 Building Your VSL

Lecture 59 Building Your Offer's Landing Page

Section 9: SEO Mastery: Fully Understand the Search Landscape

Lecture 60 SEO

Section 10: Client Magnet: Proven Strategies for Closing Your First Clients

Lecture 61 Stop Action-Faking

Lecture 62 How to Talk About Your Business

Lecture 63 Ask ChatGPT

Lecture 64 Make Connections in Your Industry

Lecture 65 Leverage Existing Connections

Lecture 66 100 Dream Clients Challenge

Lecture 67 Optional: Build Trust Over Time with Email Marketing

Lecture 68 Negotiate Effectively

Section 11: Effortless Business Admin: Streamlined Operations for Efficiency

Lecture 69 Proposal

Lecture 70 Contract

Lecture 71 Invoice

Lecture 72 Pricing

Lecture 73 Sales

Lecture 74 Legal

Lecture 75 Onboarding

Section 12: EXTRA: Strategies from 'The Art of War': Ancient Tactics for Today's Business

Lecture 76 Yield and Overcome

Lecture 77 All Warfare is Based on Deception

Lecture 78 Win Without Fighting

Section 13: EXTRA: The Delegation Blueprint: Find and Hire the Perfect Freelancer

Lecture 79 How To Hire A Freelancer on Upwork To Do This For You

Section 14: EXTRA: Building An Example Site From Scratch

Lecture 80 Part 1

Lecture 81 Part 2

Individuals that want to build a profitable business,Individuals that realize the world has changed forever and want to stay competitive,Businesses making under $10,000 per month,Students that want to learn valuable skills,Service-based freelancers,Individuals that want to help others at scale

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