Make A Multiplayer Game In Unity

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Make A Multiplayer Game In Unity

Published 9/2023
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Professional game design

What you'll learn
Create a multiplayer game in Unity
Connect to Photon Unity Network
Learn networking scripting
Spawn players over a network
Create multiple levels
Display key stats across the network
leave rooms and remove data

A computer capable of running Unity 2022
An interest in gaming and C# scripting

Have you ever wanted to make a multiplayer game in Unity? Well in this course I'm going to show you how.I'm providing you with a 3D level that I created and I'm going to be taking you through the design step by step meaning you don't need to have any previous experienceWe will cover character setup, changing weapons, 3rd person camera follow and gun aimingI will be using Photon Unity Networking - Pun, which is completely free. I will be explaining the coding for networking in detail so that you can incorporate it into nay of your own projects as well.We will be looking at how to synchronize data across the network, killing characters and have healthbars update on everyone's screen, displaying key stats such as killcounts and displaying winners across the network.We will also create a main menu and lobby menu for three different game typesI will show you how to leave a game and return to the lobby, so that the player data is also removedWe will also be covering team battle games, in this case red and green teams as well as having a no respawn game mode, so if you are killed you return to the lobby. Last player standing then wins.By the end of this course you will have developed skills upto an intermediate level in multiplayer game design. So why not join today and I look forward to seeing you in my course.Music from free-stock-musicfsm-team racing, fsm-team craft and time-rider

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Setting up a Character

Lecture 2 Install Unity

Lecture 3 Create a new project

Lecture 4 Import level asset

Lecture 5 Moving the character

Lecture 6 Rotating the character

Lecture 7 Character animations

Lecture 8 Character jump

Lecture 9 Lining up the weapons

Lecture 10 Animation rigging

Lecture 11 Gripping weapons

Lecture 12 Weapon change script

Lecture 13 Weapon change intermediate code

Lecture 14 Cinemachine

Lecture 15 Aim At

Lecture 16 Crosshair

Lecture 17 Character aim

Lecture 18 Fixing the thumb

Lecture 19 Fixing the jump

Section 3: Connecting to a Server

Lecture 20 Photon

Lecture 21 Server settings

Lecture 22 Photon scripting

Lecture 23 Connecting to the server

Lecture 24 Spawning in players

Lecture 25 Camera follows our player

Lecture 26 Only controlling our character

Lecture 27 Update positions and animations

Lecture 28 Setting up pickups

Lecture 29 Spawning weapons

Lecture 30 Picking up weapons

Lecture 31 Pickup other weapons

Lecture 32 Changing weapons across the server

Lecture 33 Fixing the handgrip

Section 4: Menus and User Interface

Lecture 34 Setup the main menu

Lecture 35 Script for the main menu

Lecture 36 Lobby scene

Lecture 37 Lobby script

Lecture 38 Choose a color

Lecture 39 Set color script

Lecture 40 Nicknames

Lecture 41 Show names of current players

Lecture 42 Timer

Lecture 43 Display weapon icon

Lecture 44 Display Killcount

Lecture 45 Wait for all players

Lecture 46 Add enter button

Lecture 47 Exiting a room

Lecture 48 Exit wait screen

Lecture 49 Finishing the lobby scene

Section 5: Gameplay

Lecture 50 Muzzle flash

Lecture 51 Gun sounds

Lecture 52 Shooting characters

Lecture 53 Healthbar damage

Lecture 54 Fixing issues

Lecture 55 Death animations

Lecture 56 Message display

Lecture 57 Update killcounts

Lecture 58 Fix issues

Lecture 59 Respawning

Lecture 60 Respawn text

Lecture 61 Ammo amounts

Lecture 62 Winner panel

Section 6: Game Modes

Lecture 63 Team battle colors

Lecture 64 Team battle kill count

Lecture 65 No respawn

Lecture 66 Last one standing

Lecture 67 Exporting the game

This course is for anyone wanting to make their own Unity multiplayer games

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