Learn Basic Fundamentals of CCTV Systems

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Learn Basic Fundamentals of CCTV Systems
Last updated 5/2023
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No Technical knowledge required to start as a CCTV Technician

What you'll learn
What is CCTV System
Construction of CCTV Camera
Types of Sensor
Lens and Different Types of Lens
Types of CCTV Cameras
Components Required to Make a complete CCTV System
Difference between Analog & IP Camera
Different types of connectors
Different types of cables
Types of Power Supply
Intro to Switcher / Multiplexers / Timelapse VCRs
What are Frame Rate and its Importance
Understanding the Camera Resolution
Different Video Compression Technology
How to calculate storage requirement for recording
Camera parameters and There meanings
Tools required for installation
Typical Problems and how to resolve them
How to survey and decide Camera locations

No Technical or No Experience Needed... It's Simple, Anybody Can Learn

Are you intrigued by the world of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems, but feel overwhelmed by the technical jargon and complex concepts? Look no further! This comprehensive course, "Learn Basic Fundamentals of CCTV Systems," is designed to empower non-technical individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently pursue a career as a CCTV technician, even as a complete fresher.
In this course, we break down the complexities of CCTV systems into easy-to-understand modules, providing you with a simplified yet thorough understanding of the fundamentals. We start with the basics, introducing you to the key components of CCTV systems, such as cameras, recorders, and monitors, and explaining their functions and interconnections.
You'll delve into essential topics like camera types, lens selection, video signal transmission, and video storage options. We'll guide you through the principles of video surveillance, covering key concepts like resolution, frame rate, and field of view. Additionally, you'll learn about different installation techniques, cable management, and troubleshooting common issues that may arise in CCTV systems.
What sets this course apart is our emphasis on practical application. We provide real-world scenarios and hands-on demonstrations to reinforce your learning. You'll gain valuable insights into how to assess surveillance needs, design CCTV systems, and optimize their performance.
By the end of this course, you'll possess a solid foundation in CCTV systems and the confidence to pursue entry-level positions as a CCTV technician. Don't let technical barriers hold you back—join us on this journey to unlock the secrets of CCTV systems and open doors to a promising career! Enroll now and start your path to success.

Who this course is for
Begineers who want to start their career as CCTV Technician


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