Exploring Dry Mixed Media

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Exploring Dry Mixed Media

Free Download Exploring Dry Mixed Media
Published 4/2023
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for the Intermediate Artist
Free Download What you'll learn
Measure and draw accurately from a photo reference using a combination of concrete measuring methods and a somewhat trained eye.
Build and layer oil pastel to create richness and depth of color.
Use both oil pastel and colored pencil to achieve rich color and texture, as well as photo-realistic effects.
Create both out-of-focus and in-focus effects in oil pastel and colored pencil.
Replicate natural textures such as the rough rocks, rubbery frog skin, the shiny, round eye, etc.
Have taken some of my drawing courses before (preferably several) or have some prior realistic drawing experience that involves measuring for accuracy.
This course offers the intermediate art enthusiast a way to explore both a more intuitive approach to measuring/drawing, as well as a combination of oil pastel and colored pencil in the same image.We will walk through the entire process together, from what materials you'll need, to drawing the frame, frog and background, to coloring many built up layers with oil pastels and then finally, with colored pencils.The drawing will be less exacting and a bit quicker than my previous courses, focusing more on angle measuring and slightly less on size. We will be relying more on the artists' more seasoned eye to identify and adjust the drawing as we go. We will still be measuring and aiming for accuracy, but the difficulty of the image we're copying is greater and the pace will be slightly less methodical, relying somewhat more on your previous drawing experience to guide you.The coloring will be a lot of fun as we dive deeper with oil pastels, building our whole drawing from background to foreground to subject and back again. We'll layer and blend, sharpen, brighten and neutralize over and over again, working our way towards a more and more refined drawing of the photo reference. Then towards the end, we'll use colored pencils to sharpen edges and add details that will make our whole drawing pop off the page.This course is meant for the seasoned beginner or newer intermediate student who is after more of a challenge with both drawing and rendering, and who wants to have some fun with dry mixed media to create a photo-realistic image.When we are finished, you will walk away with an enhanced set of skills you can use to apply to more beautiful drawings.
Section 1: Introduction & Set-Up
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Materials
Lecture 3 Mindset
Section 2: Drawing
Lecture 4 Drawing the Frame
Lecture 5 Drawing the Head & Body Shape
Lecture 6 Drawing First Arm & Leg Segments
Lecture 7 Drawing Second Arm & Leg Segments
Lecture 8 Drawing the Hands & Foot
Lecture 9 Drawing Fingers on the Front Hand
Lecture 10 Drawing the Toes
Lecture 11 Drawing Fingers on the Back Hand
Lecture 12 Drawing the Eyes
Lecture 13 Adding the Back Leg & Body Contours
Lecture 14 Drawing the Rocks
Section 3: First Base Layers of Color
Lecture 15 Coloring White & Grey on the Rocks
Lecture 16 Coloring Green & Pink on the Rocks
Lecture 17 Coloring the Frog Body
Lecture 18 Coloring the Frog Legs
Lecture 19 Coloring the Frog Eye
Section 4: Building Color, Value & Suggesting Textures
Lecture 20 Building Color on the Background
Lecture 21 Building Color on the Foreground
Lecture 22 Building Color on the Frog Body
Lecture 23 Building Color on the Frog Legs
Section 5: Refining the Rocks
Lecture 24 Refining Greens in the Rocks
Lecture 25 Refining Brown & Pink in the Rocks
Lecture 26 Refining Light Greys in the Rocks
Lecture 27 Refining Dark Greys in the Rocks
Lecture 28 Refining Textures in Front Rocks
Lecture 29 Refining Textures in Back Rocks
Section 6: Refining the Frog
Lecture 30 Refining the Body Colors
Lecture 31 Refining the Leg Colors
Section 7: Finishing the Rock Textures
Lecture 32 Darkening Background Darks
Lecture 33 Lightening Background Lights
Lecture 34 Darkening Foreground Darks
Lecture 35 Lightening Foreground Lights
Section 8: Refining the Frog
Lecture 36 Medium Blues in Final Skin Texture
Lecture 37 Refining Edges on the Body
Lecture 38 Refining Edges on the Back Legs
Lecture 39 Refining Edges on the Front Legs
Lecture 40 Refining Edges on the Last Foot
Lecture 41 Refining the Eye
Section 9: Spots
Lecture 42 Adding Large Spots
Lecture 43 Adding Medium Spots
Lecture 44 Adding Small Spots
Section 10: Finishing Touches
Lecture 45 Background Finishing Touches
Lecture 46 Frog Finishing Touches
Lecture 47 Signature (optional)
Section 11: Recap
Lecture 48 Congratulations!
Intermediate art enthusiasts who want some dry mixed media experience as well as more of a challenging image to draw from.


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