Create High Quality Online Courses

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Create High Quality Online Courses

Published 3/2023
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A structured approach to planning and creating online courses

What you'll learn
How to generate course ideas based on your knowledge
3 tools to quantify market demand for those ideas
Plan courses with a structured approach that ensures high quality
Discover free and low cost content creation tools
Create high converting landing pages for course promotion

No previous experience required

Course planning and creation is an art that requires a structured approach from start to finish. The best course of action is to start generating a list of potential topics based on the person's skill set. Quantifiable market research must be performed to measure demand for prioritized ideas to ensure the effort is worth it. Several spreadsheets are made available to use as guides to follow along with the course material.Once the idea is chosen attention should be focused on defining a cohesive plan to link target audience, learning objectives, and course content, which might require trial and error. Content creation should be based on covering the basics first to ensure the student assimilates the information before moving on to more complex ideas, like setting bricks to build a wall. The use of case studies is recommended to illustrate the whole process being taught to clarify doubts that may come up along the way.Everything can be created using free and low cost tools. There's no need to be an expert in graphic design or video recording to produce a high quality product.The eLearning industry is growing at a fast pace because people want to acquire new skills online. This provides opportunity for entrepreneurs to create passive income for years to come.

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 eLearning
Section 2: Generating Course Ideas
Lecture 3 Skills Mapping
Lecture 4 Demand Research: Hashtags
Lecture 5 Demand Research: Interests
Lecture 6 Demand Research: Keywords
Lecture 7 Choosing the Topic
Section 3: Content Planning
Lecture 8 Audience Definition
Lecture 9 Title and Objectives
Lecture 10 Modules and Lessons
Lecture 11 Content Creation
Lecture 12 Landing Page
Section 4: Creation Tools
Lecture 13 Recording
Lecture 14 Cloud Storage
Lecture 15 Other Tools
Lecture 16 Payment Gateways
Section 5: Costs and Setting the Price
Lecture 17 Costs and Setting the Course Price
Entrepreneurs looking to create an additional source of income or looking to take their online course creation to the next level


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