Fuzor'S Virtual Design And Construction Training Course

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Fuzor'S Virtual Design And Construction Training Course
Free Download Fuzor'S Virtual Design And Construction Training Course
Published 3/2023
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A full training course to learn high quality 4D and 5D construction simulations, using Fuzor's innovative features.

Free Download What you'll learn
Create detailed 4D animation for tender submission
Use BIM models to create construction methodology simulations
Create detailed method statements animation
Validate and determine the optimal schedule
Submit project progress update utilizing 4D BIM
Conduct effective project control and management using 4D BIM
There is no requirement. It is for professionals who are interested in developing a career in VDC (Virtual Design Construction) and IDD (Integrated Digital Delivery).
Fuzor is the next generation VDC software for the construction. High quality 4D and 5D simulations created in Fuzor win projects and ensure project delivery on-time and on-budget. Fuzor is capable of combining large 3D models, point cloud data and the project schedule to simulate the construction methodology and produces detailed method statements. It is specifically designed to create training material to better prepare your logistics and field workers for the jobsite. For effective project control and management, Fuzor provides the planned and actual schedule, cost tracking and model-based quantity take-offs in 4D construction sequence simulations and reports.For AEC professionals, Fuzor provides an Integrated Design Platform that delivers seamless workflow with our patented and gold medal award winning bi-directional Live Link technology. Combine your Revit, Sketchup, FBX and other file types in Fuzor to experience your full model in 2D, 3D, VR, AR, C.A.V.E., and HoloLens.The objective of this course is for professionals who are interested in developing a career in VDC (Virtual Design Construction) and IDD (Integrated Digital Delivery). It equips the attendees with the essential skillsets and knowledge in applying the latest 4D VDC software, Fuzor. Upon completion of the course, participants shall meet the requirements of working in VDC and IDD related positions in the AEC industry.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Lesson 1
Lecture 2 Lesson 1.2 B, C and D (Load Revit Model to Fuzor)
Lecture 3 Lesson 1.3 (Fuzor User Interface)
Lecture 4 Lesson 1.4A (Free-Camera Control)
Lecture 5 Lesson 1.4B (View from Human Perspective)
Lecture 6 Lesson 1.5 (Avatar Customization)
Lecture 7 Lesson 1.6 (Time or Weather)
Lecture 8 Lesson 1.7 (Fuzor Project Panel)
Lecture 9 Lesson 1.8 (Settings)
Lecture 10 Lesson 1.9A (Section Cut - Box Type)
Lecture 11 Lesson 1.9B (Section Cut - Plane Type)
Lecture 12 Lesson 1.9C (Level Type)
Lecture 13 Lesson 1.10 (Saved Views)
Lecture 14 Lesson 1.11 (Terrain Controls)
Lecture 15 Lesson 1.12 (Drag and Drop SKP Model to Fuzor)
Lecture 16 Lesson 1.13 (Methods to Locate Offscreen Models)
Section 3: Lesson 2
Lecture 17 Lesson 2.1A (Load Schedule)
Lecture 18 Lesson 2.1B (Edit Columns)
Lecture 19 Lesson 2.1C (Column Descriptions)
Lecture 20 Lesson 2.1D (4D Settings)
Lecture 21 Lesson 2.2B and C (Object Filters and CTRL Button)
Lecture 22 Lesson 2.2D (Box Selection)
Lecture 23 Lesson 2.2E (All Type Current Level)
Lecture 24 Lesson 2.3 (How to Split Tasks)
Lecture 25 Lesson 2.4 (Split Geometry Level)
Lecture 26 Lesson 2.5 (Find Tasks)
Lecture 27 Lesson 2.6 (Time Controls)
Section 4: Lesson 3
Lecture 28 Lesson 3.1 (Auto-Assign)
Lecture 29 Lesson 3.2 (Animation Styles)
Lecture 30 Lesson 3.3 (Color Highlight)
Lecture 31 Lesson 3.4 (Paths)
Lecture 32 Lesson 3.5 (Load the Sketchup Model to Fuzor)
Section 5: Lesson 4
Lecture 33 Lesson 4.1 (3D Location Markers)
Lecture 34 Lesson 4.2 (4D Simulation Video)
Lecture 35 Lesson 4.3 (HD Screenshot)
Lecture 36 Lesson 4.4 (Update the Schedule)
Lecture 37 Lesson 4.5 (How to Update the 3D Models)
Lecture 38 Lesson 4.6 (How to Create a Schedule)
Section 6: Lesson 5
Lecture 39 Lesson 5.1 (Create Animation using a Mobile Crane)
Lecture 40 Lesson 5.2 (Truck and Crane Animation)
Lecture 41 Lesson 5.3 (Truck, Crawler Crane, and Forklift)
Lecture 42 Lesson 5.4 (Two Crawler Cranes Animation)
Lecture 43 Lesson 5.5 (Create a Chain of Predecessors)
Section 7: Lesson 6
Lecture 44 Lesson 6.1 (Tower Crane)
Lecture 45 Lesson 6.2 (Concrete Pump and Mixer)
Lecture 46 Lesson 6.4 (Import and Export Multitrack Animations)
Section 8: Lesson 7
Lecture 47 Lesson 7.1 (Cross Buckle Fastener Animation)
Lecture 48 Lesson 6.3 (Crawler Crane picks up beam twice)
Lecture 49 Lesson 7.2 (Crane Animation from FBX Model)
Lecture 50 Lesson 7.3 (Mobile Crane Animation from Sketchup Model)
Lecture 51 Lesson 7.4 (Formwork Animation)
Lecture 52 Lesson 7.5 (Exploded Diagram)
Section 9: Lesson 8
Lecture 53 Lesson 8.1 (Load the Model)
Lecture 54 Lesson 8.2 (Move the Model)
Lecture 55 Lesson 8.3 (Add and Animate Construction Workers)
Lecture 56 Lesson 8.4 (Add Normal Pedestrians)
Lecture 57 Lesson 8.5 (Add Vehicle Path)
Lecture 58 Lesson 8.6A (Foliage On Line)
Lecture 59 Lesson 8.6B (Foliage In Area)
Lecture 60 Lesson 8.7 (Add Multiple Logos to an Equipment)
Lecture 61 Lesson 8.8A (Change the Material of the 3rd Floor Wall)
Lecture 62 Lesson 8.8B (Substance Materials)
Lecture 63 Lesson 8.8C (Change the Entrance Roof to a Net)
Lecture 64 Lesson 8.8D (Make the Concrete Material Flow)
Lecture 65 Lesson 8.8E (Export the Material)
Lecture 66 Lesson 8.9 (Advanced Video Editing Toolsets)
Lecture 67 Lesson 8.10A (Make the Wall Transparent)
Lecture 68 Lesson 8.10B (Make Selected Walls Transparent)
Lecture 69 Lesson 8.10C (Saved Views)
Lecture 70 Lesson 8.11 (Working at Night)
Section 10: Lesson 9
Lecture 71 Lesson 9.1 (How to Filter Tasks)
Lecture 72 Lesson 9.2 (Planned Vs. Actual)
Lecture 73 Lesson 9.3 (5D Cost Graph)
Lecture 74 Lesson 9.4 (Selection Report)
This course is for professionals who are interested in developing career in BIM, 4D, construction planning and management


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