The Comprehensive Digital Photography Course Beginners Guide to Getting Creative a...

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The Comprehensive Digital Photography Course Beginners Guide to Getting Creative a...

The Comprehensive Digital Photography Course Beginners Guide to Getting Creative and Taking Beautiful Pictures
pdf | 8.78 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B086GJ23WX | Author: Anderson, Eric | Year: 2020


From an Amateur to a professional in 1 Week

Do you love photography as a hobby? Do you take photos for recreation or will like to make a living from it as a professional? Then, this is the book for you.

Digital photography is in a period in which it has technologically undergone a great advancement. Not only do today's cameras capture incredible images in very low light, but this technology has also become cheaper to everyone. In the field of Plastic Surgery, keeping a digital photographic record of the surgical patient in an orderly manner is crucial to be able to follow their evolution. Therefore, it is essential to standardize the place and technique used to photograph people and thus obtain images of greater credibility and reliability over time.

The era of film cameras has gone down in history, not because the image quality of a digital camera is superior (it really is not), but because of the great advantage of being able to see the image taken on a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen instantly, download the file to a computer to make some adjustments and be able to print the photograph in just a few minutes; not to mention if it is also about sharing that image on the internet.

For easy mastery, this book presents an understandable, simple but at the same time comprehensive step by step guide to getting creative with digital photography based on a bibliographic review combined with personal experience. We believe that this basic knowledge of photography, lighting and computing are necessary for your daily practice of this specialty.

Why You Need This Book

The Comprehensive Digital Photography Course is a simple yet complete guideline of digital photography based on the latest literature and personal experience. In order to achieve a good electronic record of standardized digital images, it is necessary to have basic computer and photography skills. Therefore, it is a must to be familiarized with the different photography techniques, areas and the various special camera features available today, in order to select the most appropriate one for your own specific needs and take great pictures.

So much to learn

The Comprehensive Digital Photography Course covers the following important topics:
•Basics of Image Design
•Use Depth of Field and Sharpness Level for the Image Design
•Why is Light so Important for Photography?
•The Effect of Light
•Direct Light and Reflected Light
•Photography is Painting with Light
•The Direction of Light
•Color is a Defining Design Element in Color Photos
•Moods and the Automatic White Balance
•Exact Color Rendering
•Monochrome Color Photos
•Simplicity of Colors
•The Effect of Diagonals
•The Golden Ratio and the Aspect Ratio 4/3
•Image Statement and Image Section
•Choosing the Right Format
•Angle of View and Recording Location
•The Depth of Field and the Level of Focus
•Depth of Field and Size of the Sensor Surface
•The Advantage of the Larger Format
•Controlling Depth of Field
•Use the Focal Length of a Lens as a Design Tool
•What is the Focal Length?
•The Focal Length of the Lens has Several Properties
•The APS Sensor and the Angle of View
•Portraits and the APS Sensor
•The Depth of Field and the APS Sensor
And much more...

Will you like to explore the in and out of digital photography and create beautiful images? Turn a professional photographer in 1 week, beginning from today. Scroll up and hit the Buy Now button to get started.

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