Perseus Transit by Jack Edward

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Perseus Transit by Jack Edward

Perseus Transit by Jack Edward
epub | 591.99 KB | English | Isbn:B019GIUNAI | Author: Jack Edward | PAge: 316 | Year: 2015


Jack Edward, an experienced military pilot and blue water sailor brings you an exciting new space opera!
Federated Colonial Commander Adam Stuart is once again asked to take command of an experimental ship. This time he is traveling out into deep space to test dangerous new engines. Lorentizan traversable wormholes that hold unimaginable power and the possibility of changing the way humanity colonizes the stars. His crew is made up of the best the fleet has to offer, all five of them. Recently graduated Helen 'Sparks' Dower the pride of the Federated fleet engineering corp finds herself suddenly the chief engineer of this new ship, and it isn't finished being built. Suddenly in charge of a staff Helen struggles to figure out these engines and her new crew. Covert Intelligence Officer Samantha Leeane is the new executive officer of the ship. Her first actual command position gives her typical skills quite a workout as she works to keep this new crew together. As the ragtag group finally begins testing the new engines a mysterious enemy appears out of nowhere and sends the Hypnos running across the Orion arm and beyond. During their travels they heroically face down kidnappers, ship thieves, pirates, and privateers and discover a secret that could threatens their entire home system. Perseus Transit is a wonderful journey through a new universe that is full of exciting pirates and privateers alike.

Category:Space Opera Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction

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