Passage From Aden by Sarah Ansbacher

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Passage From Aden by Sarah Ansbacher

Passage From Aden by Sarah Ansbacher
epub | 483.04 KB | English | Isbn:B08P923JCP | Author: Ansbacher, Sarah | PAge: 229 | Year: 2020


'Once upon a time, the port of Aden was a trading post and meeting point for people from all over the world. Now, in Tel Aviv, a short distance from the Mediterranean Sea, its spirit lives on at a little museum. But at this port, instead of goods, we trade in stories.'
When Sarah first walked through the doors of a museum that preserves the history of a little-known Jewish community, she only intended to do some research for a novel. But six months later she received their surprise job offer. She wasn't sure what to expect but accepted anyway. She soon discovered its magic: a museum that came to life through its varied visitors. Among the remarkable people she met were Jews from Aden, Yemen, the Middle East and North Africa, children of Holocaust survivors, crypto-Jews, tourists from Germany, Poland and the Far East, Christians and Muslims. Those fascinating interactions served as a bridge between languages, cultures and generations, and shared stories about the past and present. She started writing them down.
The result is this extraordinary collection of true stories. Amusing, poignant, insightful, they will take you to forgotten times and places and warm your heart.

'Sarah Ansbacher's book is like a colourful meal composed not only of vignettes about Aden's Jews, the museum's exhibits, its visitors, but also Israel and its people. Like all good dishes, they tickle the palate and leave us wanting more.'
Lyn Julius, author of Uprooted: How 3,000 Years of Jewish Civilisation in the Arab World Vanished Overnight

Category:Historical Middle Eastern Fiction, Historical Fiction Short Stories, Jewish Literature

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