Just a Dream by Ashleigh Pate

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Just a Dream by Ashleigh Pate

Just a Dream by Ashleigh Pate
epub | 241.73 KB | English | Isbn:B08Z9NBYN4 | Author: Ashleigh Pate | PAge: 214 | Year: 2021


It's been twenty years since the family of Renada Delahue was last heard from. Afterthe restoration of the Death Order of Damniana to the Warriors, her son, Elron,has taken his rightful place among the Orders. Following in the traditions ofhis forefathers, he quickly excelled in his skills and was chosen to become amember of the elite clan of Drow. the most diligent fighters among the WarriorOrder. He and his fellow Warriors now must begin an endless search for a child stolenin the dark of night from her crib. Without success, they spend the next twentyyears looking, searching far and wide for the lost little one.Saralyn Sheffield has always known in her heart she was different, but always acted as amere human. She met her soul mate but soon tragedy struck, leaving her aloneagain. Two years pass as she tries to continue on. but life is about to turn.She is thrust into the unknown on an unforgettable journey as a strange manenters her life. Could this be just a dream from which she will soon awake? Orwill she find love along the way.Elron and Saralyn team up to face extreme obstacles that threaten to tear them apart.New and unheard of creatures come to play as the pair fight for survival. Willtheir love and combined strength triumph over evil or will their relationshipbe shattered forever torn apart?

Category:Dark Fantasy Horror

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