Hurricane Heat by Steven Barwin

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Hurricane Heat by Steven Barwin

Hurricane Heat by Steven Barwin
epub | 488.45 KB | English | Isbn:1459802136 | Author: Steven Barwin | PAge: 172 | Year: 2013


Everything stops making sense for southpaw Travis Barkley when his parents die in a car crash and he is separated from his sister, Amanda. After years of being in the foster-care system, Travis receives a puzzling postcard from Amanda and heads to southern California to try to find her. His search is a dead-end until he meets Jesse and Ethan. With the help of his new friends, Travis continues to look for Amanda. Travis's love of baseball is rekindled when Ethan convinces him to pitch on his baseball team. His attention divided, Travis must decide between jeopardizing his chance at a future in baseball and connecting with his sister.

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