Reinventing Banking and Finance - FrameWorks to Navigate Global Fintech Innovation

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Reinventing Banking and Finance - FrameWorks to Navigate Global Fintech Innovation

Reinventing Banking and Finance - Frameworks to Navigate Global Fintech Innovation
pdf, epub, mobi | 5.56 MB | English | Isbn:1789664128 |
Author: Unknown | PAge: 285 | Year: 0101


The finance industry is currently going through a digital revolution, with new and developing technology transforming the world of banking and financial services beyond recognition. Banks and financial institutions worldwide recognize the pressing need to innovate to avoid disruption or displacement by highly agile and often smaller fintech companies. Reinventing Banking and Finance is an essential guide for finance professionals to current trends in fintech, innovation frameworks, the challenges of outsourcing or embedding innovation, and how to effectively collaborate with other organizations.

Beginning with the history and background of how banking got to the era of fintech, the book provides a thorough overview of the global fintech ecosystem and the drivers behind innovation in technologies, business models and distribution channels. Examples of key institutions and interviews with innovators and experts shine a light on key financial innovation hubs in UK, US, China, Israel and more, and offer advice for institutions looking to choose the right market for their needs. Covering genuine innovations in AI, machine learning, blockchain and digital identity, Reinventing Banking and Finance offers expert insight into navigating the complex and multi-layered finance industry.

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