Tribalism An Existential Threat to Humanity

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Tribalism An Existential Threat to Humanity
Ron Newby, "Tribalism: An Existential Threat to Humanity"
English | ISBN: 1684715156 | 2020 | EPUB | 220 pages | 793 KB

Tribalism examines human behavior from the perspective of paleoanthropology, evolution, genetics and the neurosciences, as well as the philosophical implications. Tribalism is the collection of genetically inherited behavioral traits which were of survival value to our ancient ancestors yet these traits not only remain vibrant in modern humans but influence human behavior. These genetic traits, fear, aggression, greed, prejudice, compassion and morality influence our decisions concerning interpersonal relations, governance and global warming. Our ancient genetic survival traits may be the causal agent leading humanity towards dire consequences.

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