Why males exist An inquiry into the evolution of sex

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Why males exist An inquiry into the evolution of sex
Why males exist: An inquiry into the evolution of sex by Fred Hapgood
Language: English | 1971 | ISBN: 0688035469 | 211 pages | PDF | 11,3 MB
THIS BOOK HAS TWO AMBITIONS: ONE EXPLICIT, ONE IMPLICIT. The explicit intention is to present a problem that few people know even exists, and that is the mystery of males, why they're here and what they're for.

The dilemma is best stated with an illustration. Grizzly bear females carry, nurse, protect, and train their young. Male grizzlies take no role in any of these activities; they make no obvious contribution at all to the energy needs of reproduction. All those burdens, such as having to hunt and forage for a whole family instead of just for one, fall onto the female's shoulders.

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