Mediterranean Diet For Beginners - The Ultimate Guide and Cookbook for Weight Loss...

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Mediterranean Diet For Beginners - The Ultimate Guide and Cookbook for Weight Loss...

Mediterranean Diet For Beginners - The Ultimate Guide and Cookbook for Weight Loss, Staying Fit
epub | 10.47 MB | English | Isbn:B087728979 |
Author: Green, James | PAge: 182 | Year: 2020


Do you want to lose weight while still enjoying you favorite foods, energize your body, feel great and look awesome? Mediterranean Diet is is the way!

Do you know that the food researchers have found out that the people following the Mediterranean diet have lower risks of attaining lifestyle diseases and longer life expectancy?
One of the best parts of The Mediterranean Diet is the fact that without drastically limiting your diet, you will still be granted the ability of incredible benefits. When you change your lifestyle, you will experience increased health and improve the quality of your life. As you stay on the diet, you will experience increase benefits for your heart, brain, and overall longevity of life.
People who follow the Mediterranean diet have a longer life expectancy and lower rates of chronic diseases than do other adults. Indeed, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans point to the Mediterranean diet as an example of a healthy-eating plan.
The Mediterranean diet is not at all a strict diet plan. It is just a way of eating more of vegetables, fruits, legumes, olive oil, whole grains and fish as the main source of protein. Red wine is also included in moderation. The Mediterranean diet is associated with lower cholesterol levels and lower risks of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners includes:
  • An Intro to the Mediterranean Diet-Learn the basic principles and benefits of the Mediterranean diet.
  • 41 Classic Recipes-Eat wholesome, nutrient-rich foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert.
  • The 7 and 28-Day Diet Meal Plan-Start and stay on track with an all-day plan for total well-being.

The Mediterranean diet is also about enjoying delicious foods - as you'll discover when you try these recipes.
A huge range of delicious breakfasts and main meal ideas will keep you and your family happy and well-fed for weeks on end, with fresh and tasty ingredients everybody will love.

Get a copy of Mediterranean Diet for Beginners today and see how it can help you lose weight, save time and feel great!

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