Ten Crucial Days - Washington's Vision for Victory Unfolds

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Ten Crucial Days - Washington's Vision for Victory Unfolds

Ten Crucial Days - Washington's Vision for Victory Unfolds
epub | 8.64 MB | English | Isbn:B08FCN8NRD |
Author: William L Kidder | PAge: 411 | Year: 2020


On December 25, 1776, the American Revolution seemed all but defeated just six months after the Declaration of Independence had been adopted. George Washington's army had suffered a series of defeats in New York and had retreated under British pressure across New Jersey and then the Delaware River to temporary sanctuary in Pennsylvania. This left the British army in a string of winter cantonments across the middle of New Jersey, the New Jersey state government in total disarray, and the Continental Congress fleeing Philadelphia now perceived as the next British target. Loyalists in New Jersey felt empowered and Patriots felt abandoned. Washington needed not only a battlefield victory, but also to reestablish Patriot control in New Jersey. Otherwise, it would be impossible to raise a larger, long-term army to continue the fight and convince the citizens that victory was possible.
The story of these ten crucial days is one that displays Washington's military and...

Category:US Revolution & Founding History, History of Mid-Atlantic U.S., U.S. Revolution & Founding History

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