Ragnarok - Tim Korklewski

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Ragnarok - Tim Korklewski

Ragnarok - Tim Korklewski
epub | 7.06 MB | English | Isbn:B07VMHGLLG |
Author: Tim Korklewski | PAge: 112 | Year: 2020


The end of the Aesir has come, but not as the prophecies foretold. The dread dragon Niddhoggr has devoured the roots of the World Ash, Yggdrasil, and the great tree has toppled onto its side, crashing the realms of mortal and supernatural together. With the gods dead and the fires of ruin consuming the world, your war clan of Viking warriors know what they must do to survive the destruction of the Nine Realms and restore order: they must become the new gods!

Ragnarok is a campaign-driven skirmish game in which players form a Viking war clan seeking to prove itself worthy of becoming the new pantheon. The use of a mechanic called Godspark means that battles are no longer determined by merely striking an opponent and dealing damage. Instead, warriors will be pushing, throwing, and crashing their opponents around the battlefield, making their very environment a weapon. As the war clans develop, they may gain glorious new powers that will bring them closer to...

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