Reliability of High-Power Mechatronic Systems 2 Aerospace and Automotive Applications Issues,Tes...

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2017 | ISBN: 9781785482618 | English | 293 pages | PDF | 13,7 MB

This second volume of a series dedicated to the reliability of high-power mechatronic systems focuses specifically on issues, testing and analysis in automotive and aerospace applications. In the search to improve industrial competitiveness, the development of methods and tools for the design of products is especially pertinent in the context of cost reduction. This book proposes new methods that simultaneously allow for a quicker design of future mechatronic devices in the automotive and aerospace industries while guaranteeing their increased reliability. The reliability of these critical elements is further validated digitally through new multi-physical and probabilistic models that could ultimately lead to new design standards and reliable forecasting.

Presents a methodological guide that demonstrates the reliability of fractured mechatronic components and devices
Includes numerical and statistical models to optimize the reliability of the product architecture
Develops a methodology to characterize critical elements at the earliest stage in their development


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