The Hand of Pestilence Charlie Richards

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The Hand of Pestilence   Charlie Richards
The Hand of Pestilence Charlie Richards
mobi | 214.72 KB | English | Author :Charlie Richards | 9781487429850 | 2020 | eXtasy Books Inc

Book Description :

Just a little Love Bite: When his brother offers him an opportunity at companionship, Pestilence must decide if he wants to take on the responsibility of repairing two broken souls. Aiden Rolston has loved Garrett Morrison from the moment he met the vampire. Unfortunately, Fate didn't make him Garrett's beloved-his soul mate. He kno that eventually, he'll lose him-either to old age or to someone of Fate's choosing. Aiden certainly didn't think it would be to murder-his own. Garrett's coven master always warned them not to get too attached to donors. That doesn't stop him from losing his heart to sweet Aiden, and he's the only human he's fed from in almost three years. Garrett kno the man isn't his beloved, but he just can't bring himself to look at or to touch another. Then... he fails him. The Horseman of Pestilence finds the bonds his brothers-War and Death-created with their chosen ones fascinating. Their men make his brothers happy and give them companionship. Pestilence finds himself longing for the same thing, so he tells Death. When Death returns with an opportunity to create a bond with a dying human and a guilt-riddled vampire, he doesn't have long to make a choice. Can Pestilence convince the broken pair to give a bond between them a chance? Reader Advisory: This is a M/M/M ménage.

Category : | Interracial Erotica, Interracial Erotica, Gay Erotica

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