Lead Cooled Fast Reactors

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Lead Cooled Fast Reactors

pdf | 5.95 MB | N/A | Isbn:3330025611 | Author: Alessandro Alemberti | Year: 2017


The presented Collection includes articles and reports dealt with SVBR-100 – a modular fast reactor with heavy liquid-metal coolant (HLMC) lead-bismuth alloy. The papers were published in different journals and Proceedings of Conference Reports and could be interesting to many readers. Now the R&D on application of HLMCs in nuclear technologies are launched in many countries. Such activities are conditioned by natural properties of HLMC, very high boiling point and chemical inertness to water and air. Therefore, significant enhancement of safety can be achieved due to deterministical elimination of such accidents as Three Mile Island accident (the USA), Chernobyl disaster (the former USSR) and Fukushima accident (Japan). Current works on HLMC reactors are in the most advanced state in Russian Federation because Russian reactors with lead-bismuth HLMC were mastered in conditions of operating nuclear submarines.

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