Hart-Davis G Killer ChatGPT Prompts Harness the Power of AI 2023

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Hart-Davis G  Killer ChatGPT Prompts  Harness the Power of AI   2023

pdf | 4.91 MB | N/A | Isbn:1394225253 | Author: Guy Hart-Davis | Year: 2023


Unlock the full capabilities of ChatGPT at work, at home, and in your day-to-day By now, you've heard of ChatGPT and its incredible potential. You may even have tried to use it a few times just to see it in action for yourself. But have you ever wondered what ChatGPT is truly capable of? Killer ChatGPT Harness the Power of AI for Success and Profit will show you the true power of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. In the book, veteran IT educator and trusted author Guy Hart-Davis shows you the exact prompts he's discovered to unlock a huge variety of expert business writing, like emails and proposals, data analysis use cases, lesson plans, information exchange scripts, and more! You'll also There's no doubt about it. LLMs―and ChatGPT―are here to stay. The only question Will you have the skills and the wherewithal to unleash its potential in your own life? Killer ChatGPT Prompts can guarantee that you will.

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