The Vanishing Eyes

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The Vanishing Eyes

epub | 584.83 KB | English | Isbn:1957536365 | Author: Alex Sigmore | Year: 2023


Sometimes the scars we can't see are the ones that run the deepest. Fresh off barely stopping a plot to derail the world's economy, Special Agent Emily Slate finds herself faced with a new and strange a body found drained of all its blood in a small Louisiana town. The local police can't seem to make heads or tails of it and Emily's boss insists this is the perfect case for her, despite her desire to find the person continuing to send her letters claiming they're from her dead mother. But when Emily arrives to begin her investigation, without her ride-or-die fellow Agent Zara Foley to boot, she discovers superstition embedded deep in the small community of Bellefleur. Superstition which only grows when a second body is discovered. Emily has never had to face a supernatural killer before, though everyone keeps insisting that's what's out there, terrorizing people. But Emily isn't willing to accept anything on face value, and she will do whatever it takes to get to the truth behind these deaths. It will take all of Emily's wits to uncover the secrets behind these killings, secrets that reach back hundreds of years and speak to the very heart of what it means for one person to be connected to another. Will she find the truth before it's too late? Or will Bellefleur's secrets swallow her up, like the rest of the town? You don't belong here, little sister. Run home before it's too late.

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