Creo Parametric Modeling with Augmented Reality

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Creo Parametric Modeling with Augmented Reality

pdf | 60.22 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 1119894417 | Author: Dakeev, Ulan; | Year: 2023


Creo Parametric Modeling with Augmented Reality Tutorial-based introduction to 3D Modeling with Creo Parametric, including images to be scanned and viewed using an AR mobile app
Using a tutorial approach, Creo Parametric Modeling with Augmented Reality provides an introduction to the modeling techniques and functionality of Creo Parametric, beginning with an overview of parametric design and Creo's sketching capabilities and 3D tools; proceeding through design methods and skills related to patterns, dimensions, sections, assemblies, and tolerances and GD&T; and concluding by connecting Creo's capabilities to the more specialized skills of Finite Element Analysis, mechanism animation, and sheet metal design.
Each chapter includes highly visual, step-by-step examples that readers can follow to develop their modeling skills. The tutorials can be used on their own or in conjunction with an AR mobile app that allows select images to be viewed as 3D images that can be rotated, scaled, and exploded/collapsed. The text helps readers to visualize and assess model relationships, history, measurements, and mass properties.
Written by a highly qualified author with experience in both academia and industry, Creo Parametric Modeling with Augmented Reality includes information on:

  • Parametric design foundational concepts, sketcher and 3D tools, revolved features and sweeps, patterns, and drawings and dimensions
  • Sections, auxiliary, and detail views, assemblies, assembly drawings, tolerances and GD&T, finite element analysis, and mechanism animations
  • How to use Creo software to interpret and communicate with 3D solid models and define their design intent and constraints
  • How to use current computer aided engineering graphics software, recognize and apply standard graphical principles, and utilize CAD software to create models, drawings, and assemblies

    With no fluff and many visual learning aids, Creo Parametric Modeling with Augmented Reality is an essential resource for engineering students learning 3D modeling for the first time, as well as for practicing engineers who need to brush up on their Creo Parametric skills.

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