The Twilight of Briareus (Gateway Essentials Book 374)

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The Twilight of Briareus (Gateway Essentials Book 374)

pdf | 4.38 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B00GU2XAFE | Author: Richard Cowper | Year: 2013


On the murky outskirts of our solar system, a lonely star has exploded, emitting monstrous doses of radiation . . .

The year is 1983. The exploding star Briareus Delta, 132 light years away, provokes only mild interest from planet Earth. Suddenly, appalling tornadoes and storms ravage the cities and countryside, leaving death and desolation in their wake. Then mankind realises another terrifying side-effect - every adult in the world has been rendered infertile.

Schoolteacher Calvin Johnson discovers he is one of the select few to have acquired strange psychic powers. Termed 'Zetas', these people experience mental flashes of the future - a future of freezing isolation, snow-swept landscapes and bleak, ice-bound cities.

A second ice-age is imminent as man faces the ultimate horror . . . extinction.

Category:Humorous Science Fiction, Humorous Science Fiction, Space Exploration Science Fiction eBooks

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