Kindred Fate is Ever Weaving - Charlotte Bedgood

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Kindred  Fate is Ever Weaving  - Charlotte Bedgood

epub | 1017 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BSP4ZFDP | Author: Charlotte Bedgood | Year: 2023


Explore a hidden world, in our own, and the makings of a new one with Arraetta as she comes to discover the dark truth within. A book for lovers of dark fantasy, danger, romance and a build up of an epic and cataclysmic adventure.



"Arraetta," he repeated, sharper as his breath became more shallow.
"Just grow up and speak to me for God's sake!" I shouted at him, "rather than keeping it all pent up-"
"-I do not owe you anything!" he bellowed, stepping forward as his body began to rise with the colours of his Rapidfire, "maybe if you were not such a spoilt brat, you would come to realise your place."
"My place!" I gasped, "what? A pawn in your grand game of fate."
Seraiah laughed, a different edge to his voice, "oh, Arraetta, you are a naive child. You do not know what you are coaxing right now."
"Maybe I want to see," I breathed, squaring up to him - my small form against his towering one. "It's about time you show me your true self!"
Within an instant, the warmth in the air evaporated and coldness lingered. Seraiah's eyes were no longer vibrant, but, instead, they were pits of endless darkness. "Is this what you want, Arraetta?"
His bellow shook through to my core. I felt the fear trickle down my spine as memories of the nightmares, of those exact eyes, appeared in my mind. Not just the nightmare at the altar, but also of myself just days prior. This was the epitome of all my fear - the endless darkness, endless nothingness. My body was already trembling, in response, but that didn't stop Seraiah's advances.
"I. I'm not scared of you," I stumbled.
His hand gripped the front of my shirt, and, within a heartbeat, I was pinned against the nearby wall, with a loud thud, causing a painting next to me to fall off. I winced, my heart racing fast.
"I can smell the fear on you," Seraiah growled, "it plagues you, lingering on your skin like a mark." He leant down to my ear, his voice a dark whisper. "My mark. I own you, Arraetta. I will devour you body and soul until you know nothing but my command."
Every four years, Arraetta experiences the blackout, a phenomenon that causes her to experience wild, otherworldly nightmares and strange senses of energy within her veins. For most of her years, she spends time trying to deal with daily life in London but in her twenty-fourth year, Arraetta awaits the inevitable. That is until her best friend Genie tells her of a man she has fallen in love with and that they have been invited to a ball. Arraetta believed balls were for royalty and the elite in the modern world and her belief is solidified when she meets Seraiah, a prince.
But, a prince from another world.
A realm of light and darkness.
She comes to discover the truth of who she really is but, in this new world, darkness simmers gently below the surface, unveiling itself within her nightmares and the one thing she can not keep herself away from.
The Prince .
Book 1 of The Sovereign Series

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