The Pale Daughter The Tyrant - Cyran FaringRay

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The Pale Daughter  The Tyrant - Cyran FaringRay

epub | 2.57 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BT8DH3LJ | Author: Cyran Faringray | Year: 2023

*This is a true dark romance fantasy novel with morally black villains as main characters.*
One bargain.
Two souls.
A trifold price for love.

Nyxis Luscinia was born into a life of opulence and wealth, a bright future as Head Priestess of the Xar'vathi ahead of her. Alas, that prospect sounds pretty boring to the woman common folk only refer to as the pale daughter. Instead of becoming a puppet enslaved to the Emperor of Xar'vath, she craves to pull the strings herself.

Determined to reign over all, Nyxis sets out to forge her own destiny.

Far removed from her family's stifling rules and expectations, she lives a life on the run, hiding her true identity. By day, she uses her talents as a bard to make coin. But come nightfall, her secret quest for power leads her down a darker path full of necromancy and dangerous rituals.

Zalthorn is the brutal son of the mightiest sovereign in the Hells and heir to the demonic throne of House Varaxis. Entrenched in boredom and apathy, the tyrant Prince has only one goal: to find the horned woman he saw in a childhood dream. A pity that no Demon in all the Hells matches his description of the beauty he believes to be his fated mate. Worse, demonic society has long dismissed this ancient belief in kinship between souls as impractical folly.
Now, his family's patience for Zalthorn's romantic ideals has run out. The ultimatum of an arranged marriage with a noble bride threatens to end his hopeless search.

But Zalthorn isn't quite ready to give up yet when a strangely alluring ritual summon leads him to the one place he despises the most: the mortal realm.
As Nyxis and Zalthorn meet, their depraved attraction sets fire to their very souls.

The two are forced to ask themselves if fate truly exists, and just how much they're both willing to sacrifice for rapacious love.

"The Pale Daughter & The Tyrant Prince" can be enjoyed as a standalone novel, but is best read as a supplement to the main series, "A Toll Of Flesh". It is a prequel to "The Unbeating Heart", set a few years before its events.

*This book is only intended for an adult audience. It contains graphic violence, sexual content and strong language. Reader discretion is advised. Please refer to the trigger warnings inside the book and on the author's website.*

Category:Paranormal Erotica, Paranormal Erotica

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