TrackStudio Enterprise v5. Linux Incl KeyMaker-DVT

TrackStudio.Enterprise.v5. | 137 MB | Linux

TrackStudio is an ultra-configurable workflow engine that can be used to track the progress of any kind of task such as issue resolution, requirements gathering, desktop support handling, project monitoring, hardware deployment, staff hiring and document management.

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McAfee Policy Auditor Agent v6.4.1.105 Linux-DVT

McAfee.Policy.Auditor.Agent.v6.4.1.105.Linux-DVT | 33.7 MB | Linux

McAfee Policy Auditor software automates security audit processes and helps you report consistently and accurately against internal and external policies.

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DbVis Software DbVisualizer v10.0.17 Linux and Unix Incl KeyMaker and Patch-DVT

DbVis.Software.DbVisualizer.v10.0.17.Linux.Incl.KeyMaker.and.Patch-DVT | 47.84 MB | Linux
DbVis.Software.DbVisualizer.v10.0.17.Unix.Incl.KeyMaker.and.Patch-DVT | 48.06 MB | Unix

DbVisualizer is the universal database tool for developers, DBAs and analysts. It is the ultimate solution since the same tool can be used on all major operating systems accessing a wide range of databases.

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Toolchefs Atoms Crowd v2.6.1 for Houdini Katana and Maya LINUX-AMPED

Toolchefs.Atoms.Crowd.v2.6.1.for.Houdini.17.0.416.LINUX-AMPED | 43 MB | Linux
Toolchefs.Atoms.Crowd.v2.6.1.for.Katana.LINUX-AMPED | 78.4 MB | Linux
Toolchefs.Atoms.Crowd.v2.6.1.for.Maya.LINUX-AMPED | 150 MB | Linux

Atoms Crowd makes crowd animation available to anyone. You don’t need any particular skill set to layout your crowd shots and simulate them. You don’t believe it, do you? Wait and see!

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The Infinite Kind Moneydance v2019.0.1847 Linux x64 Incl KeyMaker-DVT

The.Infinite.Kind.Moneydance.v2019.0.1847.Linux.x64.Incl.KeyMaker-DVT | 129 MB | Linux

Download online videos & convert any DVD/video faster than you think. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate offers an one-stop solution for all media downloading and converting tasks. It is the best professional DVD/video converting tool that lets you easily download video and convert any DVD/video to iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.

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BeerSmith v3.0.9 Linux-CRD

BeerSmith.v3.0.9.Linux-CRD | 53.88 MB | Linux

BeerSmith is an efficient software utility that enables individuals to record their brewing sessions, aided by alarge number of options, such as ingredients, equipment and inventories. It can be especially useful to home or professional brewers.

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McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux Threat Prevention v10.5.4.108 Linux and ePO Linux-DVT

McAfee.Endpoint.Security.for.Linux.Threat.Prevention.v10.5.4.108.Linux-DVT | 369 MB | Linux
McAfee.Endpoint.Security.for.Linux.Threat.Prevention.v10.5.4.108.ePO.Linux-DVT | 248 MB | Linux

Our new endpoint protection suites emphasize integration, automation, and orchestration as the foundation of the threat defense lifecycle. Harnessing the power of machine learning to detect zero-day threats in near real time, our suites streamline the ability to quickly expose and remediate advanced attacks so productivity isn’t compromised.

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Solid Angle Houdini, Katana And Maya to Arnold for Linux-AMPED

Solid Angle Pack | 2.98 GB | Linux
Solid Angle Houdini, Katana And Maya to Arnold

Arnold can be used in Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Cinema 4D, Katana, and Softimage. All of our plug-ins are free to use when you buy Arnold licenses. This means you can easily switch 3D software packages without having to spend money on additional Arnold licenses.

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0Day Pack January 11-12, 2019 - Linux

0Day Pack January 11-12, 2019 | 11 Releases | 3.26 GB | Linux

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0Day Pack January 09-10, 2019 - Linux

0Day Pack January 09-10, 2019 | 11 Releases | 1.86 GB | Linux

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